Strange behavior with temp/humidity in env sensor

So I have been doing alot of testing and had serious issues with the temp and humidity being way off on my readings. Carl suggested I get an extension cable and unfortunately I ordered the 40 pin extender instead of the 24 pin so I can’t separate it from the chip. I started to dig around and try new things, and one of the things I did was suspend the chip in the air. Immediately the humidity and temp sensors head towards the accurate number and work correctly. Now it doesn’t matter if the object it’s touching is cold or hot it, it messes it up and reads like 20 degrees too high no matter what it’s touching. It isn’t even the sensor that is touching to make the readings off, ever the edge of the chip the opposite side of the sensor touching even plastic messes up all the readings. Any logic or explanation as to why this is happening??

It seems you are doing it right on this step. I am not sure why it suddenly doesn’t work again. Any steps/procedure you’ve done that might have caused it?

Well, any time it touches any surface the temperature just rises way up. I’ve tested it on multiple chips. I huge it by the usn port in the air and then the temp drops down to a more accurate number over like a 10-20 min period

Wouldn’t it be possible that it is measuring the temperature of the surface it touches? The sensor has a very small body and the heat transfer on its tiny mass will be quick.

Even cold surfaces the temp is rising alot