Suggestion for new WISblock module - F-RAM Serial

A storage peripheral that could use something like: CY15V104QN-50SXI

This specific part is: Excelon™-LP 4-Mbit (512K × 8) Serial (SPI) F-RAM

So faster writes, more endurance than flash, serial interface… would allow excellent temporary data storage before wiring to say an SD card.

@KenSamson Welcome to the forum.

Thank you for your suggestion, I have forwarded it to our R&D teams. As we have right now 50++ new modules in the development queue, it can take a while before we can realize an FRAM memory module.

That you have forwarded it is enough… It will be nice to watch the other items come out as well.

With some luck… as the base boards get a little bigger, I can always get an adapter to DIP and wire wrap one up to play with. Thank you for your time.


But the base boards are getting smaller: WisBlock Base Board | RAK19003 – RAKwireless Store

I believe they will come out with bigger ones, and ways to extend them, as well.

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FRAM is added to our launch plans.
Bigger base board will be coming as well. Still waiting for prototypes and then we need to do product testing before we can release it.