Supplied cable cable loss/type

what’s the cable type and cable loss of coax cables part of the following

  1. rak 5.8dbi antenna
  2. rak7249 gateway

Hi @cwrx777,
Wich cables are you interested in? Are you asking for the extension cable of the antenna?

im referring to the coax cable supplied in

  1. rak lora antenna 5.8 dbi, with rp sma to N type connector
  2. rak7249 bundle, with n male to female connectors

Are you able to assist me?

    what is the cable type and cable loss?

    What is the cable type and cable loss of the pigtail interface converter (RP-SMA to N type cable)

The cable type is RG8 coaxial cable.

The type of this one is RG316.

About the cable loss maby @Hobo can assist you.

Hei @cwrx777,

A would say it is:

About 0.15dB/m for RG8

About 1.2 dB/m for the RG316


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