Support RAK2247 SPI/USB on new arm based platform

Hi All,

We are trying to support RAK2247 Mini PCIe edition on our arm based platform.
We have downloaded RAK831-LoRaGateway-Openwrt-MT7628 package and ported lora-gateway and packet-forwarder packages onto our system. There are two ttyUSB interfaces can be found. However, we cannot start concentrator:

INFO: gateway MAC address is configured to AA555A0000000101
lgw_spi_open:83: ERROR: failed to open SPI device /dev/spidev32766.1
loragw_pkt_logger: ERROR: failed to start the concentrator

After added /dev/sdpidev in our dts file and we cannot read/write spi data correctly.
[email protected]:/usr/bin/lora# ls -lat /dev/spidev0.1
crw-r–r-- 1 root root 153, 0 Jan 1 1970 /dev/spidev0.1

:/usr/bin/lora# ./util_spi_stress
INFO: Starting LoRa concentrator SPI stress-test number 1
Note: SPI port opened and configured ok
Note: SPI read success addr=1 data=255 mode=1
lgw_connect:532: INFO: no FPGA detected or version not supported (v255)
Note: SPI read success addr=1 data=255 mode=0
lgw_connect:555: ERROR: NOT EXPECTED CHIP VERSION (v255) 103
Note: SPI write success

Any information regarding how to create spidev node and start concentrator would be appreciated.