[sx126x-lib] LoRa Packet acknowledgement callbacks

I see that the callbacks for acknowledgement of LoRa packets were added to the SX126X library, however I do not see the actual function definitions of these callbacks. Am I missing something ?

[Github repo : GitHub - beegee-tokyo/SX126x-Arduino: Arduino library to use Semtech SX126x LoRa chips and modules to communicate]

I didn’t find time to update all examples.

You can find the usage in the RAK11310 example: WisBlock/LoRaWAN_OTAA_ABP.ino at master · RAKWireless/WisBlock · GitHub

Another thing. Do you have any idea what range (in urban environment) with LoRaP2P is achievable on SF7/125 kHz with RAK4631 modules (and its provided LoRa antenna). I was able to test it up to 600m. I wanted to know if more could be achieved using the same LoRa parameters but a better antenna than the already provided ones.

I didn’t do range tests with LoRa P2P, 600m seems to be ok (depending on the obstacles between the two nodes).
I saw a test report from a French company (Insight), they achieved 6km with their module (with internal antenna) on the beach (so direct line of sight)

In my area (many bungalows and 2-3 floor houses) I did some tests with LoRaWAN on 923MHz and got around the same (600m) with our 2dBi antenna. But depending on how many houses were between me and the base station, I had some holes where the signal didn’t get through at all.

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Right. My testing environment was almost same as yours. After initial testing (range - 600m) , did you increase the spreading factor and frequency bandwidth to increase the range or were you able to observe an increase in range at all ?

No, I was testing a LoRaWan location tracker, so these values were fixed by LoRaWan.

If you have one node on a fixed location and the other moving, put the antenna of the fixed location as high as possible.

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