Tester Rak10701-P

Issue:Tester does not show data


LoRa® Server: Aws IoT Core

Details: In our case we have 2 field testers which we have correctly linked to our LNS server, however, when performing a test, no information is displayed on the LED screen, the only thing that is displayed is the GPS information, but , no SNR, RSSI, number of gateways.

We would like to know what this problem could be due to, since at the equipment configuration level it seems to us that everything is fine, but we wholeheartedly appreciate any contribution that helps us resolve this case. I will also leave a reference image, in fact, there are two gateways in the coverage area in which we are doing the test but the tester does not show absolutely any information.

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What LNS are you using?
What backend for the field tester are you using?

Hello, a pleasure. The platform we are using as LNS is Amazon Web Services, AWS IoT Core. Regarding the backend, I am not clear, so far we have not made additional configurations, we only enter the testers into the console as another device and make sure that they are in band 1, just that. We appreciate any suggestions for improvement.

The RAK10701 needs a backend that calculates the gateway distances and max/min RSSI from the data received at the LoRaWAN server, see here ==> RAK10701 Quick Start.

We offer that backend for TTN and Helium LNS and I have written a tutorial how to do it with Chirpstack and Datacake:

We do not have a solution yet for AWS IoT Core. But I hope the example for Chirpstack can help you.

Ok, I understand you, I will surely talk about it with the development guys and we will find a solution with the help you have provided us. I just wanted to confirm that the guide that most closely resembles our case would be the chirpstack one, and that’s the one we can use as a reference, right?

Yes, your use case would be our example for Chirpstack.

I am not familiar with AWS, but I think it will be possible to use the AWS LoRaWAN server and an application running on AWS to work as a backend.

Perfect, in this case we will get to work and if you have any questions I will update the progress here. Thank you so much.