The concept of partitions in writing/reading flash memory /Wistrio 5205


In firmware 2.0.03, I used to write and read flash memory with the fonctions “read_falsh_data(…)” and “write_falsh_data”, but now since firmware, it seems to use partitions, with other functions “read_partition”, …
I just want to read and write a 32 bits data in flash memory and I don’t know how to proceed with partitions or maybe, I can still use the original functions?

Can, somebody explain the concept of partitions?


You could use "write_data(uint32_t wr_addr, void *buffer, uint16_t wr_len)“and"read_data(uint32_t addr, void *buffer, uint16_t len)” functions to wirite/read data from flash memory,but you’d better not to use the partitions address of configration.
This two funtions are at “partition.c”.