The gateway is not able to send a packet to the server when the internet comes again

@ Vladislav [email protected]
Hardware - RPi 3B+ and RAK833 SPI
Firmware -
Server - LoraServer
Packet losses whenever the internet goes.
In the latest firmware, the gateway stores the uplink and sends it to the server when the internet comes.

Hi. You have mixed different devices and software. Please be more clear which device is this for?
Packet logging functionality is for RAK industrial gateways like RAK7249 and RAK7258.

Hello Velev,
the gateway(RAK 833 SPI ) is not supported packet logging functionality.
but the gateway has enough memory we can use to store packet log.
Is it possible to use RAK7249’s firmware on RAK 833 SPI for packet logging functionality?

RAK833 is a concentrator module not a gateway. Industrial gateways that use RAR833 are based on MTK chipset and OpenWRT. You can use packet logging on Pi but have to make such functionality by yourself.