The guid of customizing a firmware based on RUI!

As you know, RAK has supplied an IoT SDK named RUI for users to customize their own firmware according to their personalized usecase, even they can make a personalized product easily based on RAK IoT modules like RAK811, RAK4200, RAK4600, RAK4400, RAK8212, and RAK5010.
RAK has supplied a set of RUI APIs which you can find here:
and some more and more product practice source code for reference:

and an online compiler which you can get a account here freely:

Now, we have prepared a set of guide for you, please check the following links:

  1. If you want to customize based on RAK5010:

  2. If you want to customize based on RAK8212:

  3. If you want to customize based on RAK811:

Actually, you can think that RAK7204, RAK5205 and RAK7205 are some customized products which are customized by us based on RAK811 module according to the above resource, and we’ve open source the customized source code of them on Github (The above product practice source code link). So, you can customize a personalized product according to your good idea based on RAK IoT module surely.
RAK sincerely hope that “RUI software platform” + “RAK IoT modules” can help you to create more and more amazing IoT products!

I’ll update more and more information in this topic about RUI.