The setting of preamble and header

Can I check the length of the preamble or header (in bits or symbols)?

And whether these have default values and can be modified?

Hi @haowong ,

The length of preamble and header of RAK811 is not modifiable if in LoRaWAN mode. The default values follows the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters document of LoRa Alliance.

But if the RAK811 is working in LoRa P2P mode, then you can change the the preamble length. Check this link - RAKwireless Documentation Center


By the way, the products of Rakwireless all follow the default length in LoRaWAN model? I may buy other products besides 811, so I asked in advance.

Yes. Our products support the default length.

Btw, if you are working on a new product, I highly recommend you use RAK4270 instead of the old RAK811. You’ll have better power consumption and it uses the latest Semtech LoRa chip.