Topics close too fast !


Would it be possible that Rak extends the time to close automatically a thread ?? It’s just very boring and annoying to get threads closed only 2 days after last post (it should be at least a month or two as sometimes it takes some time to test or get hardwares to test/debug…).



Hi @vincen ,

Thanks for giving feedback on our forum site.

Not all threads are not automatically closed in 2 days. Only those with solutions already acknowledge by the person who posted. I believe they can still open it if more clarifications are needed.

Unhappy not :frowning: Perhaps it can be changed as it would allow more flexibility to continue to contribute in a thread :wink:


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I clearly understand you Vincen. I personally do not close thread unless it is 101% solved. It is on the decision of the original poster then if he/she is already satisfied.

We actually have some very long thread since solutions can never be found :smiling_face_with_tear:

Are you sure ? from what I see it’s forum software that closes them automatically as soon as something is indicated as solution :frowning:

Hi @vincen ,

Yes. You are correct. And that is decided by the original poster themselves.

That’s why some post closes earlier than others. Some put check on the solutions box while other do not bother to check :slight_smile:

nope you’re wrong, it’s forum software that has been configured to automatically close a thread if a solution is indicated 2 days later :frowning:

Yes. You are correct again. The forum automatically close the thread after 2 days when the original poster of the topic already selected a solution for their inquiry.

There is also an automatic close for 30-day last activity. I am not exactly sure how that works since open topics are more prevalent than closed ones if I look on this topic section - LPWAN Modules / EVBs - RAKwireless Forum