TrackIt 2171 Without App?


unfortunately I discovered after buying that the TrackIt 2171 apparently requires

  • an Android or Apple based Smartphone
  • a RAK cloud account that apparently logs all tracking data (huge privacy alert!)

I assume that most people who buy a LoRa GPS tracker expect to be able to use it without the vendor storing everything in some “cloud”.

My questions are:

  • how can the TrackIt 2171 be used without an app? Can it be used with a PC (Windows, Linux, Apple, …)?
  • how is the data transmitted from the TrackIt to the smartphone? I assume that the data is sent over Bluetooth. How can e.g. a PC be paired? I assume that there is no special magic involved, but just the App sending specific commands over bluetooth to the TrackIt, and receiving the GPS/GNSS information from the TrackIt.

Please provide this information so open-source software can be developed to use the dongle.