Trackit device never reports position and also random values!


I have 2 Trackit devices. I have updated both of them with latest firmware and setup them in LoraWAN mode in mobile app. I have added them in my TTN console and I can get every minute hearbeat of each one but I have two issues:
→ none of them reports any GSM data in payload (I have placed them both in garden during few minutes to be sure they get a GPS lock).
extract of payload received by these devices in console:

 "decoded_payload": {
        "battery_voltage": {
          "displayName": "Battery voltage",
          "unit": "V",
          "value": 1.8
        "humidity": {
          "displayName": "Relative humidity",
          "unit": "%",
          "value": 34.3
        "light": {
          "displayName": "Red led status",
          "value": "OFF"
        "pressure": {
          "displayName": "Barometric pressure",
          "unit": "Pa",
          "value": 25.6
        "temperature": {
          "displayName": "Internal temperature",
          "unit": "°C",
          "value": 0

→ values returned for atmospheric pressure are just random: one reporting values in range of 100/200 and the other one in range of 400… and internal temperature is always at 0…

Any ideas what’s wrong here ? or did I miss something to activate GPS inside these trackers ?



It looks like you are using the wrong payload decoder in TTN.
The TrackIt does not send any of these values (beside of battery).

The payload of TrackIt is explained in our Documentation Center

Thanks for clarification and then I realised double problem in TTN console :frowning:
One of the device was using an automatic formatter setup by TTN when I selected the type of device. So far I have used STMicro Nucleo 1 but not sure it’s best device type for trackit…
Also the other device was using a formatter I had found here in forum but it looks it’s not good :frowning:

[quote=“beegee, post:2, topic:8469, full:true”]The payload of TrackIt is explained in our Documentation Center
Thanks for the link I had seen it but don’t you have an all-ready js formatter for TTN for that device ?