Trouble with temp sensor

I built a weather station with the rak 4631 chip and the environment sensor. The temperature with the case on was reading about 30 degrees over. I made a new case with more air ways and it was still reading too high. When it was 35 out it was reading like 57 outside. I stripped it down to just inside the bare case which has a massive airway and it’s still reading over 10 degrees too high. (By the way this is all in farenheit). When I when to grab the case, the plastic was very cold as it was cold outside, so there is no way that it’s reading to high because the sun has warmed the plastic on the case. Any idea on what I can do to get an accurate reading?

That temperature sensor has small body and can easily capture even tiny change near it. It can even capture the heat on the WisBlock Base or Core if it is hot.

On of the possible solution is to install the sensor away from the WisBlock Base using this extension cable accessory RAK19005 FPC Sensor Extension Cable – RAKwireless Store.

Is that the only thing you think that is causing the issue? Is there anything else I should consider?

Hmm. I can’t think of anything else for now. The module sends digital data via I2C so electrical noise should be less of an issue. If you manage to keep it far away from heat sources and in an open area, yet the reading is still high, the sensor might already be busted.

Ok, I have that other temperature sensor so if it doesn’t work I’ll try and do a swap

That’s a good idea. If the reading is almost the same on both. Then probably the location where the sensor is place is really a bit warmer.

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The reading is similar, so I can rule out that it isn’t busted. Hoping the extension cable solves the problem. If it’s still reading too hot what would the next thing to try be?

It seems the sensor is still good so that’s good news. I’ll probably check first if the sensor reading improves if far away before we proceed on other troubleshooting.

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