TTN is not connected

Issue: A couple of weeks ago I was trying to connect my RAK7244 to TTN but I still can’t do it, I am connected to the internet but my status in TTN appears disconnected.

Setup:RAK7244 915MHZ

Server: us-west

There is an issue with the web console that makes the last connected data very unreliable. Do you see traffic? Can you send an uplink via the gateway?

can’t see traffic

uplink message via some end node?

Look under the traffic tab.

Find a device/node/mote and transmit?

There’s nothing

Best find a device to create some traffic then

I’m using a CubeCell AB01 to send data via OTAA

i also looked at the system status

Can you see what the logs / journalctl says?

these are the errors that appear

then this part is repeated in a loop

I’d reflash the SD card!

was the first thing that I tried when it did not connect to ttn :C

In that case, you’ll find that there is no DNS setup in the current image!

what do you mean ? how can i solve it?
this is my configuration

Did you setup the static IP & gateway? Will that work On your network?

At the Pi cmd line, can you try nslookup to see if it will resolve.

no he cambiado la configuración solo añadí el servidor DNS en la ultima linea.

intento el comando pero el cmd no lo reconocé

OK, try

> ping

no ping

Can you ping any other addresses?

Dear DylanSaenz,

How do you connect to the Internet, if it’s just wired, it’s not possible, because as you can see. DHCP has been fixed, so you need to modify it!

Best regards!