TTN Payload Formatter - RAK10701 - Errors

I am attempting to use the payload decoder for a TTN setup of RAK10701-L/P field test device on a things industries community edition LNS.

RAK10701 >

When testing the decoder - ReferenceError: normalizedPayload is not defined at Decoder (:66:20(244)).

// error located @ decoded.num_gw = normalizedPayload.gateways.length;

For grins, if I comment out this line, next error encountered:

ReferenceError: rawPayload is not defined at Decoder (:76:15(263))

Anyone able to assist me with this problem?


Welcome to the forum @boomerling
The decoder you are pointing to is for Datacake not for TTN.
In TTN you do not need a decoder, just the integration to forward the data as described in the tutorial ==> RAK10701-P Field Tester Pro for LoRaWAN Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Thanks @beegee. Makes sense now. I am using the decoder in the guide and using MQTT integration with telegraf to pull the metrics off the device.

I was a little curious to get the devices SNR/RSSI not the gateway(s).

Question: is there a link that can better describe …“and the downlinks contains the data calculated by the disk91 server”.


The decoder works okay in Datacake.


Format of the uplink and downlink payloads ==> Frame Format