Tutorial to setup RAK831 with new TTN V3?


I’m currently running with success since more than two years a LORA gateway using the RAK831 board mounted on a PI and setup with The Things Network V2. Now TTN becomes TTS and they have finally released the V3 version of their system. Is there any documentation somewhere how to setup RAK831 to work with that new version of TTN/TTS ?
Made some quick searches but found nothing :frowning:



Hi, have you had any luck setting up the RAK831 gateway on TTS?


Not yet but I didn’t get time to work on it. Have found something on it ? I had been able to do initial setup of it for TTN V2 using documentation of RAKWireless and not the outdated one of TTN website :wink: Just checked RAKWireless website but no tuto yet for V3 ! I’ll send them an email at support to check with them and let you know :wink:

Hey I actually managed to get it working! Did some research and found that the RAK831 is built upon the same LoRa chipset (SX1301) as the RAK2245. This tutorial was perfect at outlining the steps to configure the gateway so definitely check it out! Hope you can get your system up and running :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the link :wink: It’s not best solution as I’m not a big fan of balena thing but will be better than nothing :smiley: Will try it out as soon as I have some spare time !

Just got an answer from Rak Wireless with a very easy solution:

As you mentioned TTNv2 and TTNv3 use the same packet forwarder frontend. To be able to use your gateway, you only need to update the URL in the global_config file to the new TTNv3 URL, based on the location you are.
We are preparing a BasicsStation firmware also, but this will take some time.
To change the packet forwarders global_conf file URL:

1. Login to your gateway with SSH(console SSH or PuTTy)
2. Use the command `sudo nano /opt/ttn-gateway/packet_forwarder/lora_pkt_fwd/global_conf.json` to open the config file with the Nano editor.
3. Find the "server_address" field 

And change the old URL "[router.eu.thethings.network]" with the new one for TTNv3 - EU for example: "[eu1.cloud.thethings.network]"
Save the configuration with Ctrl+x command, and confirm the changes.
4. Restart the packet forwarder process with `sudo systemctl restart ttn-gateway.service` command.
If your gateway is correctly registered in TTNv3, after a minute and a TTNv3 page refresh, you will be able to see your gateway connected.

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