Tx Test with RAK833 failed

Dear RAK Team and forum users.
I have some problem with RAK833 Tx Test

I set up as below, but 833 Tx test failed.

RAK811 side.

  1. at+mode=1
  2. at+rf_config=867700000,10,0,1,8,14
  3. at+rxc=1

( every at command succeeded.)

RAK833 side

  1. sudo ./util_tx_test -r 1257 -f 867.7 -s 12 -b125 -p 27 -t 100

After these setup, in RAK833 side the only log is as below.
Sending -1 packets on 867700000 Hz (BW 125 kHz, SF 12, 16 bytes payload, 1257 symbols preamble) at 27 dBm, with 100 ms between each
INFO: concentrator started, packet can be sent
Sending packet number 1 …OK
Sending packet number 2 …OK
Sending packet number 3 …OK
Sending packet number 4 …OK
Sending packet number 5 …OK
Sending packet number 6 …OK
Sending packet number 7 …OK

Nothing happens in RAK811.

Is there any document which describe connection between 811 and 833, which includes connection procedure?


Hi, @cloud73

Which device are you using with RAK833 board? RPi?

Dear @Fomi

I tested Tx with EVK-RAK833, and finally, it will be attached to MTK7620 router.

Hi, @cloud73

Can you try to use this firmware for EVB-RAK833 which consist of MT7628 and RAK833?

Dear @Fomi

Thx for immediate reply.