UART in Link.One

We’re considering buying Link.One which contains the BG77 module in the IO slot. The datasheet of BG77 indicates that UART is bound on pins 33 and 34, which is UART1.

We’d like to connect a UART sensor to Link.One, is it possible? Is the other UART (UART0) available on Link.One? It seems that UART0 is useable only in the IO slot which one of your employees confirms

If that’s true, we won’t be able to use Link.One in our project, as our sensor requires a UART connection.

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Sadly it will not work. The UART exposed on the base board on pin header J10 is the same UART used by the RAK5860 cellular module.

As an alternative you could look into our new Blues.ONE. This cellular module is using I2C and you could use the UART on the Base Board header.

Thanks for the quick response. I think we’ll consider using Dual IO Board instead, Blues.ONE is too expensive.

By the way, is using slots A or D also out of the question? Do they also only have UART1?

Slot A and D are using the same UART as well, that is not a solution for you.
If you take the Dual-IO Base Board, you can access the second UART through the RAK13002