UartInit & UartConfig fuction undefined reference in UART 2

UartInit( &Uart, UART_2, UART_TX, UART_RX );

CC stm32l0xx_hal_i2c.c
CC stm32l0xx_hal.c
Copying file 100.00%
CC stm32l0xx_hal_rcc.c
CC stm32l0xx_hal_flash.c
CC stm32l0xx_hal_rtc_ex.c
CC stm32l0xx_hal_pwr_ex.c
CC stm32l0xx_hal_i2c_ex.c
CC stm32l0xx_hal_crc.c
CC stm32l0xx_hal_firewall.c
CC stm32l0xx_hal_pcd.c
CC rw_lora.c
CC p2p.c
CC partition.c
CC rui.c
CC utilities.c
CC radio.c
CC sx126x.c
CC LoRaMacCrypto.c
CC LoRaMac.c
CC Region.c
CC RegionUS915.c
CC RegionAU915.c
CC RegionEU868.c
CC RegionAS923.c
CC RegionCN470.c
CC RegionCN779.c
CC RegionEU433.c
CC RegionKR920.c
CC RegionIN865.c
CC RegionUS915-Hybrid.c
CC RegionCommon.c
CC aes.c
CC cmac.c
AS startup_stm32l071xx.s
_build/app_RAK4270.o: In function main': /home/ubuntu/vdb/rui_root/user/[email protected]/build/stm/RUI/build/..//Source/stm/STML071_SX1262/app/app_RAK4270.c:392: undefined reference to UartInit’
/home/ubuntu/vdb/rui_root/user/[email protected]/build/stm/RUI/build/…//Source/stm/STML071_SX1262/app/app_RAK4270.c:393: undefined reference to UartConfig' /home/ubuntu/vdb/rui_root/user/[email protected]/build/stm/RUI/build/..//Source/stm/STML071_SX1262/app/app_RAK4270.c:479: undefined reference to Uart’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
stm/Makefile_stm32l071kb_sx1262:241: recipe for target ‘_build/stm_xx.elf’ failed
make: *** [_build/stm_xx.elf] Error 1

Compilation failed. You can check the log above to find the cause of failure. If you can’t solve it, kindly ask questions in the RAK forum.

I am using RAK4270
Please resolve my issue asap. this issue is impacted my project. if you are not able to solve it so, return your product.

Hi @vipul The RUI2 Online compiler works fine. Maybe you can describe what function you want to implement. Also, it will be good you share your zip file and point the changes and additional code, so we can have a better idea of what you are trying to achieve and find a solution for you?

I Used Below Function


which is work in RAK811 But Not Work in RAK4270.

I want To Change EVEN PARITY in RAK4270 , How Can I Change?

Hi @vipul,

The UartConfig() function is not officially supported by RUI so it will not work on RAK4270. Also, on RUI, there is no way to change the parity bit.

Ok, there is your limitation in RAK4270 no way to change the parity bit. Please Improve Your Compiler.

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