Unable to connect to WisNode devices over serial

Hey everyone,

I purchased a RAK612 button and a RAK7204 sense home device recently and have been trying to set them up. Using the documentation to connect on a windows PC using the RAK serial tool has resulted in zero success for me. The device shows up, I can install the device drivers and the COM port shows up inside of the RAK serial tool.

Once I select it and press open, nothing happens. If I click on the send button next to “at+version” it shows the > >at+version in the log, but there is no response from the device.

This happens on both the button and sense home devices, neither seem to be responding at all.

I also tried from a Linux machine and was also unable to get any response from the devices as well.

I’m sure I’ve missed something simple, but any help woudl be appreciated.

Hi @justin8,
Welcome to the forum.
Have you connected the battery of RAK7204?
As for the button, are you sure that the button is RAK612 but not RAK7201?

Interesting, the docs say>

The included battery is **non rechargeable**. Please do note that when configuring the device, you have to connect the battery first in order for it to work.

While the included pamphlet says “always unplug it before connecting the USB cable to the port on the board in order to configure the device. Not doing so might damage the battery and cause damage to the battery and board”.

I can try plugging it in, but when one of the two instructions I have says it will break it I was hesitant.

For the button, I believe you are right. I’ve tried holding down the 1 key to enter configuration mode and I only get the button 3 red LED the same as when I first plug it in, I can’t seem to get it to enter the configuration mode at all

Hi @justin8,
Apologies for the confusion, yes you can safely connect the battery of RAK7204 and then plug it into the pc, it won’t damage the board or the battery.

Also, could you send me a photo of the sticker on the back of the button in a direct message?

I haven’t retried with the sense device yet; but I managed to get the button to work by reflashing the firmware, although the steps wanted me to put the device in config mode first, it was completely unresponsive, but the firmware tool connected and worked, it did a reset at the end and now I can configure the button as expected.

Having issues getting it to play nice with my gateway, but the button configuration is working at least :slight_smile: