Unable to flash RAK4600 using firmware upgrade tool

Hi all,

I have tried everything, but for some reason my RAK4600 does not want to be flashed using the firmware upgrade tool. I flashed the latest firmware: using a j-link and the nrfjprog tool. I expected the firmware tool to work after that, since I read that the bootloader should be included in that file (I used the .hex file). The module responds to AT commands as expected, but I get a ERROR 1 response after sending at+set_config=device:boot. What could be wrong? Maybe I can try to flash the bootloader again? Does anyone have a link to the right bootloader?

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Hello Daan,

The RAK4600 cannot be flashed with the DFU tool. You can flash the firmware only over SWD (Jlink) interface or over BLE.
The command at+set_config=device:boot is not supported by the RAK4600 firmware.

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Hello Bernd,

Thank you for the quick response. That’s good to know! I’ll try flashing over SWD than.