Unable to Perform Downlink in Class C - RAK7249

We are not able to receive the Downlink messages on the enddevice, but we are able to receive uplink messages.
Is there any special configuration to be done for Class C operation.
PS: We are able to successfully operate the device in Class A
Firmware Version : 1.1.0058_Release r196
Gateway Model : RAK7249 with inbuilt network server.
Class: C
Band: IN865-867
EndDevice : RisingHF RHF0M062-HF
Please Find attached the screenshot of the system Log.


Are you sure the node is configured to receive class C?

It looks like the node’s firmware gives you two options which could be useful for debugging: one would be a manual raw receive you could use to make sure the gateway has transmitted. Another would bit the LWDL command which would allow one node to transmit a test class C like message to another.