Unable to update bootloader on 4630

Thanks for the speedy reply, @beegee .

I can not update the bootloader per Updated bootloader for RAK4631, though. The first option to use BLE requires that a BLE scketch be installed which requires the updated bootloader. The second option appears to require a JLink device and/or (per WisBlock/bootloader/RAK4630 at master · RAKWireless/WisBlock · GitHub) wiring the 4630 to another device (it is unclear in the image as to what the SWD pins are supposed to connect to). Apologies but I am a total noob with Arduino (if that’s not totally obvious!)

As for the com port being busy/in use by another device, I have confirmed that it only activates (ie, appears on Device Manager) when I plug in the USB cable from the 4630. Any idea as to how to confirm that nothing else is using COM ports?

Editing: does this PR have anything to do with the problem I’m encountering?