Unable to upgrade firmware on RAK811

Hello all,

I was able to flash a new boot loader using the stm32flash utility under Linux. It replies correctly <BOOT MODE> when powered up. Now i tried to upgrade the firmware but i found no documentation on how or where to flash it under Linux.

Is there a way to upgrade RAK811 firmware using LINUX?

Thanks, Frank

Hi @vic42,

I’m sorry for that.
Now, we can only upgrade the firmware for RAK811 using RAK Upgrade Tool, but this tool can only run in the Windows PC so far.

Ah, i see.
Is there a document available describing the DFU protocol?

Hi @vic42,

RAK811 can not support DFU now because the size of flash.
My document has decribed how to upgrade the firmware using RAK upgrade tool only.~~

i have old WisNode module with RAK811 on STM32L151CB with 16KB RAM.
Latest firmware RUI_RAK811_V3.0.0.12.H.T_Release.bin compile for STM32L151CB**-A** with 32KB RAM. Firmware sources not open and i can’t change stack top (and may be other) to 16KB RAM. Can you make firmware for old modules with STM32L151CB with 16KB.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Mitek

Suggest to use new board. I will message you offline


RAK Wireless

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Good idea !
I then at the same time change the old wife to a new one.