Unable to upgrade firmware on RAK811

Hello all,

I was able to flash a new boot loader using the stm32flash utility under Linux. It replies correctly <BOOT MODE> when powered up. Now i tried to upgrade the firmware but i found no documentation on how or where to flash it under Linux.

Is there a way to upgrade RAK811 firmware using LINUX?

Thanks, Frank

Hi @vic42,

I’m sorry for that.
Now, we can only upgrade the firmware for RAK811 using RAK Upgrade Tool, but this tool can only run in the Windows PC so far.

Ah, i see.
Is there a document available describing the DFU protocol?

Hi @vic42,

RAK811 can not support DFU now because the size of flash.
My document has decribed how to upgrade the firmware using RAK upgrade tool only.~~

i have old WisNode module with RAK811 on STM32L151CB with 16KB RAM.
Latest firmware RUI_RAK811_V3.0.0.12.H.T_Release.bin compile for STM32L151CB**-A** with 32KB RAM. Firmware sources not open and i can’t change stack top (and may be other) to 16KB RAM. Can you make firmware for old modules with STM32L151CB with 16KB.

Thanks in advance

Hi Mitek

Suggest to use new board. I will message you offline


RAK Wireless

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Good idea !
I then at the same time change the old wife to a new one.