Under zero on wisblock with bme680

hello to all ,

i have a problem with the temperature under zero .

I’m using rak1906 but from zero °C the value go out of range stopping all the reading
some suggest ?


Hello @projectsbminfo

Which BME680 library do you use?
In the beginning our examples were using the ClosedCube library which seems to have a bug with negative temperatures.
We switched the examples to the Adafruit BME680 library and I tested it below 0 degrees and it worked without problems. Our example code is updated.

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of course i’m using Closecube :slight_smile: I go to update my sw . ! Thank you so much Beegee , hello from Venice

Hello back from the Philippines, here an image from the test I did with the Adafruit library:

Needed to test in the freezer, because here the temperatures never go below 25 C

i did the same this morning , in Italy there is 30 … is the funny part of the problem :slight_smile:

I can undestand you