Unused pins on RAK2245 PI HAT


I have a RPI + RAK2245 setup. But since I need to connect other “things” to my RPI, I will not plug the RAK hat directly onto the gpios, so I wonder which pins I can omit while interconnecting these two.

  1. Pins marked as NC (Not connected) - is obvious, can be omitted
  2. Official documentation says RAK2245 is powered by 5V or 3.3V pins. So technically I can power it ONLY with 5V pin and do not connect 3.3?
  3. I need UART interface of RPI for another purpose and don’t necessarily need the GPS function of RAK. I assume I can leave out the UART pins on RAK unconnected?
  4. I will also need second SPI on RPI for different purpose , so I guess no problem if I don’t connect these to RAK as well?

|SPI Function |Header Pin |Broadcom Pin Name |Broadcom Pin Function|
|MOSI |P1-38 |GPIO20 |SPI1_MOSI|
|MISO |P1-35 |GPIO19 |SPI1_MISO|
|SCLK |P1-40 |GPIO21 |SPI1_SCLK|
|CE0 |P1-12 |GPIO18 |SPI1_CE0_N|