Updating the BG96 firmware

Is it possible to update the firmware of the BG96 chip on the RAK5010? on the RAK8212?
I am not talking about the firmware of the Nordic chipset.

The DFOTA is a complicated process depending on net quality. So our firmware not supports this at for now. As I know, there is no need to update bg96 in general. Do you meet any problem with it?

The US Carriers certify only certain versions of the BG96 firmware. So it may become necessary to update it later.

OK, Which version do you need? Have you contact with Quectel? Maybe the details is decided by them.

You have the following on the module.

00> Quectel

00> BG96

00> Revision: BG96MAR02A07M1G

I need BG96MAR02A10M1G for Verizon testing.

The update is differential update. We can’t make the OTA zip. So if Quectel could supply you with the zip, we could think of adding the DFOTA function to our firmware.