Upgrade from Wisgate V1 to V2 ? Hoz?


I’m proud owner of a RAK7289 outside gateway since few months. Unhappy at that time it was still sold with Wisgate OS V1 installed in it ! How can I upgrade it to Wisgate OS V2 ?
I have already asked the question in past and I was told not possible. I’m just not understanding why I can’t upgrade it to V2 considering it’s same hw for both versions so V2 should be able to run on it as well no ?
Side note: I have no problem to connect a serial adapter inside to do the upgrade process if it’s the only way to do it :wink:



Hi, @vincen Feature wise the gateways are the same(V2 inherits all features). Hardware wise not. The V2 gateways have more memory in the SoC, allowing the WisGateOS2 to be installed and used. So, unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade to WisGateOS2 if you have a gateway that runs on WisGateOS(1.x).

Hi @Todor,

Thanks for clarification but then we have a problem :smiley: docs.rakwireless.com indicates clearly 128M RAM for each gateway (Wisgate V1 and Wisgate V2 gateways) !! Mistake in documentation ? or one using MT7628A and the othe one MT7628K that has 8M de DRAM on chipset ?


Nope, not the RAM :wink: . The Flash is different - V1 is with 16MB and V2 with 32 MB.
Moving to OpenWRT 21 code base to provide the latest security, and to provide an option for custom add-ons - Extensions, cost some space :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarification although disappointed to know now that my gw I bought just before release of Wisgate V2 will never make it with V2 :frowning:

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