Upgrading Bootloader for RAK4630 via Windows

Hi I have just assembled a RAK4630 with GPS from a RAK5005 starter kit. I intended to use it with meshtastic software. I needed to update the bootloader. But using windows I get an error adafruit-nrfutil.exe not recognised as a name of a cmdlet, function…
Any help with what I am doing wrong much appreciated. Thanks.

Welcome to RAK forum @feh123 ,

With the original FW uploaded to RAK4630, you should be able to upload Mestastic FW via UF2 file dragging to it. Please have a look on our guide here for Meshtastic: RAK4631 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Hi @carlrowan thanks for the welcome - glad to be here. I should have added more detail. I have followed the quick guide and dragged the uf2 file onto the rak drive in windows explorer. It gave an error about the device is not has described however it did work and my meshtastic software is working.
But I thought maybe the error was due to the bootloader being dated June 2020 - hence my attempt to update it. So I can leave the bootloader as is?
I have another question! I have an OLED attached to the rak4630 that has several pages. Normally I flip pages via a user button. I have some buttons - what pins do I solder one to for this to wortk? Thanks.

June 2020 bootloader has a problem with enabling the serial port or something like that, and you should update it.

There is a script to run which takes care of it, it’s not as simple as dragging the UF2 file onto the board.

Thanks @billr I will try to update the bootloader using my linux laptop. My windows failed to update it with the error re the adafruit exe file not recognised.

That’s strange, perhaps the zip file was corrupted?

If you’ve not added the directory you unpacked the zip into to your PATH environment variable, you will need to run the command from within that directory