Upgrading firmware on RAK7249

Issue: Trying to upgrade firmware to WisGateOS_1.2.1, receiving error: Bad Gateway

The process did not produce any response

Setup: RAK72491.1.1_RAK rRAK-c7679acc7


Details: I’m trying to do a firmware upgrade on RAK72491.1.1_RAK rRAK-c7679acc7. to WisGateOS_1.2.1, receiving error: " Bad Gateway. The process did not produce any response" when I try to upload the new firmware. Not sure what to do next.

Did it do so immediately, or after uploading the file?

The upgrade process has to take down pretty much everything on the box including the wifi and webserver. I forget if there’s a confirmation screen first, but basically the box is going to disappear leaving the browser wondering what happened.

What’s the situation now? Can you access it either on whatever network it had been on, or in its setup AP mode? If so, is it running the old version or the new?

If you now can’t access it at all, that’s a different issue for which there are some existing threads

The Same issue persists with me as well.