Upgrading firmware on RAK811 from to

I have a RAK811 module that seems like it has old firmware on it. at+version gives OK2.0.3.0. Many other commands, for example at+set_config=device:restart give various errors.

I think that perhaps this old version of firmware doesn’t support many of the newer commands. I would like to upgrade it to version and have tried to use the RAK Device Firmware Upgrade Tool v1.4. to do this. However, this results in a timeout every time I try.

For reference, the module I have has P/N: RAK811-868MHz and LOT number: 201919 printed on it, rather than RAK811(H) and the module also does not have the DevEUI printed on the outside.

My question are:

  1. Can I safely upgrade this part to firmware version
  2. If I can safely upgrade this part’s firmware, how do I do it? I am happy to update the bootloader via SWD / STMCube32Programmer if needed, but I want to check that the hardware I am using is compatible.

Many thanks in advance


Hi Stefan,

Please use this FW https://downloads.rakwireless.com/LoRa/RAK811/Firmware/RAK811(H)_Latest_Firmware.zip and update via STM32CubeProgrammer. Use the .hex file and not the .bin.

BOOT0 of RAK811 must be high if you are doing FW update.

Thank you for your help. This worked, although I would note for others that I had to hold BOOT0 high at power-up and keep it held high throughout the programming process. Holding it high and resetting the device by pulling the reset pin low was not sufficient.

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