Uplink data URL

Issue: What is involved in creating Ulink data URL

Setup: RAK 7258 is setup with Built in server

LoRa® Server: RAK 7258


I have connected a LoRa node to RAK 7258 using built-in Lora Network server and Built-in Lora server.

I am getting Live device data as expected.

For integration, I got a URL from webhook and it works fine too, RAK is uploading data to webhook, I can see there is a GET command followed by many POST commands.

I have my own application running on local machine and I want to use HTTP protocol. I need to forward the data to this application. Can someone suggest what do I need to do to get Uplink data URL similar to webhook. I expect there would be an IP address and Port number. IP address is the local IP addr and what about the port no?

Also what is the use of Join, ACK notification URL’s? do they need to be configured or left blank?



Dear Shaun1960,

URL need fill in the address you want to send to HTTP.

Best regards!

Yes Nicholas, I got it. It’s working.


I have one LoRa node connected with RAK7258 and I am getting data through HTTP port address.
I want to know how gateway is going to send the data if I have say 10 different nodes transmitting data at different time intervals ranging from 30 sec to 3 min.

I am using LoRa network with gateway network.

I need to know how the gateway will work, if it receives hypothetically all 10 nodes transmitting data at the same time and how it will receive and send data out through HTTP port. I guess I have to create 10 applications on the gateway.



It will do one per uplink and the meta data will tell you which device it was, so no need for separate applications.

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