Uploading a program to RAK4630 caused it to stop working


Please let me know if this is not the right part of the forum.

I was following this tutorial:

On My Ubuntu, the device was found, uploading went fine. But now I cannot see my board, after connecting it.
Before the upload, there were a few lights on board, red, green, and blue, if I remember correctly.
Now there’s just one, red. Platform.IO does not detect this device. What went wrong, how can I fix it?


Double clicking the reset button changes the mode and I am able to connect to the board and upload new program.
But I cannot connect to in in other mode, it would be nice to have output from console, so I’d know if it works at all

Hi @p4vv37 welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately the Helium example code is 7 months outdated and I am surprised that you can even compile and upload it. It is based on an old version of the LoRaWAN library, which has received many improvements since the Helium guide was published.

Please try to follow our own Quick Start Guide which we keep updated to the latest features of WisBlock.

I moved your question as well to the “WisBlock” category, you will get better support there.

Thank you very much, it worked

In fact, I do still have a problem with the serial port, after uploading it just does not work.
Connection to Helium network works, but I do not see there serial port, I do have this:

  time_t timeout = millis();
  while (!Serial)
    if ((millis() - timeout) < 5000)

but still, no serial port is detected on my PC, I only see 1: /dev/ttyS0 ‘ttyS0’

Is your terminal program set to 9600 Baud?

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