USB direct connect to BG96

Issue: Document details insufficient.WisTrio IoT Modular Boards RAK5010
Version V1.4 | August 2019

Setup:RAK5010 via USB port

Details: The section 2.5 refers to a resistor rework to allow the USB to talk directly to the BG96 allowing AT , GNSS and debug port commands
Can anyone enlighten me…
hanks and sorry for all the questions.

Hi @leotec , no need to apologize. We are here to help you use our products :ok_hand:

The complete schematic of RAK5010 is here -

The particular resistors that you need to switch are on this image


You can easily swap it but by doing so (unfortunately) will avoid the warranty of the device .

What is the value of resistors R30-33?
It’is a bridge ? 0 ohm ?

Thank you

Yes 0 ohms. These are jumper resistors for selecting USB data lines connection.