Use of waterproof rubber cloth?

Hi, I have set up a number of RAK7249 units, and was wondering about the waterproof tape provided. I assume it’s for the antennas? GPS connection?
Is there a performance loss if applied to just the silver section of the antenna? What’s best practice?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Andy,

The tape is indeed for the antennas. The idea is to wrap it around the N-connector itself, mostly the portion where the case port and the antenna connector connect. The rest should be fine as is.


Thanks for the information Hobo, much appreciated!

Best topic title ever!

Still foot to know this.

Just to show I’m not going mad…!! :smiley:

The h… I though you were talking about the Insulating tape. I apologize, but this is essentially the same, it is like a self sealing tape once you wrap it up and tighten it it glues together, might wrap it over with the tape just in case.

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In the UK we call is self-amalgamating tape. Does an amazing job but is challenging to remove.

@Andy, I believe you, I too have several RAK7249’s and the topic title will be raising a smile for weeks to come!

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