Use rak1904 to wake tracker

Hello again,
Does anyone know if there are any examples of using a rak1904 to wake a tracking device?
My build is almost complete and this would be the final touch!

Thanks for any tips!


Here is some code to start with:

In line 33 you need to assign the correct pin for the interrupt. If the RAK1904 is in Slot C, it would be WB_IO3

Line 208 int_callback_rak1904` has to be changed to match with your code and trigger the location reading.


init_rak1904(); // Initialize the RAK1904 and enable the interrupt
... // your code here
if (interrupt_happened)
   // Get your location from the GNSS module
   ... // your code here
   ... // your code here
   // Clear the interrupts and get ready for the next one
   ... // your code here
... // your code here