Using a LoRa Gateway without a backend (RAK7243)

Hello all,

I have been digging through documents and tutorials looking for help configuring the RAK7243 LoRaWAN gateway. I have set up multiple nodes using raspberry pi zeros with LoRa hats that will transmit basic sensor data. I do not want to use The Things Network or LoRaServer as the data I am sending is sensitive and I do not want to pay for a server. My plan is to have a network of nodes that communicate only to the gateway without using any server. All the data will be stored locally on the gateway via SD card. Can I use the RAK7243 without any backend? Also how do I prevent the nodes from communicating with each other?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi @nathan,

It is possible to use RAK7243 without a backend, because RAK7243 has an internal ChirpStack LoRa Server. If you configure RAK7243 to use the internal ChirpStack LoRa Server, it will work without a backend.
The next problem is how to store all data in a SD card. Sorry, i haven’t experience on this point, but you can refer to RAK7243 source code:


Do you have any resources for configuring the internal ChirpStack LoRa Server?

The preinstalled ChirpStack is already configured to work with RAK7243. For setup the Gateway you can check here
For ChirpStack you can check here

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