Using Helium RAK hotspot as reguillar gateway

Hello all,

If you wish to use the RAK2287 concentrator module from a RAK Helium Miner as a regular LoRa concentrator, you will probably get some or all these errors:

rak-gateway ttn-gateway[1419]: ERROR: Failed to set SX1250_0 in STANDBY_RC mode

rak-gateway ttn-gateway[1419]: ERROR: failed to setup radio 0

rak-gateway ttn-gateway[1419]: ERROR: [main] failed to start the concentrator

To start the concentrator properly, you need to change the reset pin to PIN25. Using the rak_common_for_gateway you need to make a change in the file: /opt/ttn-gateway/packet_forwarder/lora_pkt_fwd/ The line SX1301_RESET_BCM_PIN=17 should be changed to SX1301_RESET_BCM_PIN=25 and the file saved. After the change is made, start the device again. It should run as intended. If there are still problems, contact the support at [email protected]

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov