Using POE and USB-C at the same time

Hi there,
I have the following configuration:
19007 Base
4631 Core
13800 Ethernet Module
19018 POE Add on to 13800

My question is:
If I have power coming in to the USB-C port on the 19007 module (From a solar panel / battery backup combo) and POE - Are there any issues doing this?

What is the order of preference if any?

Does it look for power on POE first and if it’s not there, then goes to USB?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer here.

No problems using PoE and USB:

Supply will be from USB because the voltage should be higher than from POE.
5V PoE goes through 2 diodes, so has two times small voltage drop
5B USB goes through 1 diode, so only one time voltage drop.

Thank You @beegee!!!