Using RAK 2270 on Helium

I ordered 10 of the RAK 2270 sticker trackers and used the correct keys given by RAK on my Helium account and they won’t be recognized after days and moving them around. I did the EXACT same setup as the RAK 10701 Field tester (end point URL, flows etc) and I get all the info I need from it and Helium. I recognize they come to work with but i can’t see any of the raw data with that software and I need the raw data.

Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to RAK forum @bensf ,

The RAK2270 stickers should not be manually on-boarded. It should be scanned via QR and must be activated on the Trackpac App.

Few pointers:

  1. Does the location has good hotspots coverage? Triangulation works best at 4 and above hotspots. But will still work on less but might be will less accuracy (depending on case).
  2. After activation, the first uplink will be sent after an hour. Then it will continue every hour.

There there is no way to use the trackers on Helium alone?

I can get them on TrackPac but then I can’t see any of the behind the scenes data.

Sounds like no options. Thanks for your reply.

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Hi @bensf ,

At the moment, there is no option to make custom mode of operation. It doesn’t mean it wont be possible in the future though. Your feedback is valuable to us. The only option for now is to use Trackpac to evaluate the sticker tracker. Any issues you have on the hardware, just let us know.

Hi @bensf and @vincen Have either of you done anymore with the RAK2270 stickers. I just got 3 and am having similar issues.