Using raspiECC (ATECC608A) chip with RAK2287

Issue: Connect ATECC608A with RAK2287

Setup: RAK2287 + ATECC608A raspiECC


Hi everyone,
I bought a Rpi4 with a RAK HAT 2287 and the RAK2287 to build an Helium miner.
Helium now requires the chip ATECC608A to be fully supported as a Helium miner.

I bought an equivalent of the raspiECC but i’m now facing an issue.
The raspiECC needs to be connected to the last 6 GPIO from the Rpi GPIOs :

The thing is the RAK2287 is using them so it’s not possible as it is.

Do you know any way to connect the raspiECC to the Rpi GPIOs with the RAK2287 also connected ?
Thanks for the help !

Hi @qsdqsd5166,

I don’t think you will be allowed to onboard a DIY gateway using a method like this.
That is if you don’t plan to mass produce hotspots, I don’t see them provisioning you with a swarm key.