Using the RAK2045 with an USB to UART addapter

Hello guys, I have a quick question. How do I enable a different UART in the firmware? I would like to run the RAK2045 with my USB to UART adapter which I connect in the USB port of my Raspberry. I cannot use the ttyAMA0 port because it is used by a different board.

I am currently using a Raspberry 3B+ thanks for your help in advance

Hi @Moritz,

To use a USB-UART converter to RPI, you need to determine its name. You can use ls /dev/tty* to check it. If your USB-UART converter is already connected, you should find /dev/ttyUSB0 on the list.

Hi @carlrowan,
Yes I see the ttyUSB0 in my /dev registry but how do I configure it to be the UART which is used by the RAK?

That would depend on the specific purpose for which you wish to use it. It’s not immediately obvious what that would be - GPS? Console? Something else?

What have you wired to the UART pins of this USB-UART adapter?

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I have wired the to pin 8 and 10, but I would not need the GPS. The problem is I have not figured out how to deactivate it.

A simple, reversible way to keep the GPS signals off the pi pins might be to buy an extra stacking header as used on pi hats, cut off pins 8 & 10 of that header, and then insert it between the RAK2245 and the pi.

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