Using WisTrio RAK5205 to controll room lights

I have WisTrio LoRa Tracker RAK5205, and I want to experiment it to control my room lights, and join LoRaWAN gateway.
I don’t need GPS or accelerometer or temp sensor, but every time I join LoRaWAN the RAK5205 starts to send the internal sensor measurement!
I’m new to this one and I have too many questions.
I’m planning to connect it Arduino (the Arduino controls everything and communicate with RAK using UART to join LoRaWAN, sending AT commands to it), how can I edit the RAK payload? is it by using (at+send=lora:X:YYY)? does that will override the GPS and sensors payload?
can I use it as a standalone and control the room light? (I couldn’t find any AT command to communicate with extra sensors)
Is it OK to download RAK811 firmware to it? so I can use Arduino RAK811 library?
what IDE does RAK5205 support ?

Hi @Mustafa,

The RAK5205 is really meant for other purposes, as it has sensors and GPS. Honestly the best solution for your case is the RAK811 WisNode. It is an Arduino Uno form factor board, running the same firmware, but without the sensors and GPS (also cost is a lot lower).
IT is a far better match for your application.
RAK811/5205 work with Keil