V3.0.0.14 for WisNode

Hi all,

I had old WisNode-Lora V1.1 board with Rak811 module. I’ve successfully updated it from to latest WisNode V3.0.0.13.T3 version (firstly by flashing bootloader).

But I see that there is a newer firmware v3.0.0.14 for Rak811

If I’m trying to flash it using Upgrade Tool - it stuck on 0% “start sending…” and WisNode tx led is constantly blinking very frequently.

Are RAK811 firmwares not suitable for WisNode? I wonder why, what is the difference?
Is there a chance to get v3.0.0.14 for WisNode then? Several significant bug fixes are mentioned in changelog.

Thanks in advance for help.

You can definitely upgrade your WisNode from v3.0.0.13 to v3.0.0.14. But you can’t use the upgrade tool because v3.0.0.14 has new bootloader.

Please use STM32CubeProgrammer to upload the v3.0.0.14 fw. You can get it here: