Visual Programming to RAK3172

Now i am porting the Visuino to run on RAK3172
it´s already running on STM32WL55JC :slight_smile:

no more need to type code :slight_smile:


Wow :star_struck:

Looks cool @tcpipchip . I haven’t tried the STM32DuinoLoRaWAN library but it seems will be added to STM32Duino soon. Great work! :clap:

can you tested this hex created on Visuino on RAK3172
it´s a blink on PA5, one pulse second

Hi @tcpipchip ,

I uploaded it but no pulse going out on PA5.

0x8006000 is the address that serial bootloader burns, right ?

I am blinking PA8 and PA9…

maybe is a crystal problem…

if works, i will draw the RAK3172 on visuino! :slight_smile:

hi, no blink ?
can you verify ?

Hi @tcpipchip ,

I tested it and still no pulse on the pin.