Wake up from deep sleep

Issue: Rak4200 doesn’t wake up


Details: I need to know if is possible that the RAK4200 can wake up with a timer, because I try the examples and adapt to my application but it works if I don’t use rui_device_sleep(1); the timer works perfect, but like I need to increment the batery life I need to the 4200 go to sleep but it goes to sleep and never more wakws up


Hi @juankgp ,

You should be able to wake-up via timer even with rui_device_sleep. Also to add, If you use rui_device_sleep(1), you can wake up the device via the UART RX pin which will be internally pull-downed during sleep and a positive edge trigger will wake it up.

Hi @carlrowan ,
Thanks for your reply I don’t know what happen I use rui_device_sleep(1), but the last message is OK sleep ant never more wakes up, if I delete rui_device_sleep(1), the timer works perfect and the interval send works great and for my application I don’t have any device to make the positive edege trigger I only want to send data every hour but with deep sleep to ensure the battery life

Thanks a lot

Hi @juankgp ,

Can you share your code or send it to me if you don’t prefer to post in public. I’ll have a quick look and see if I can help.