Wake up in sleep mode

Issue:hi, i’m using RAK7205 and using customize firmware, can i using gyro as trigged in sleep mode?

Dear Fakhrurrazi,

Can you add gyro in RAK7205?

Please tell me which Interface using?

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im sorry i not gyroscope, its accelerometer, can i use that as trigger to exit sleep mode?

Dear Fakhrurrazi,

When you are not awake, the sensor data will not transmit, what would you like to do to wake up with the data, can you tell me what you think?

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oh, i want to use the accelerometer only when it sense vibration it will sent data, when no vibration it will sleep mode, i want to use low current consumption.

Dear Fakhrurrazi,

That sounds pretty cool!

Judging from the disconnection between the hardware and the sensor, this is feasible!

But you will have to modify the code yourself to implement this interrupt function!

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thanks, can u give some example for interrupt on accelerator sensor?

thank you

Dear Fakhrurrazi,

Oh! We’re not developing this piece, we’re just reading it!

ok thank you Nicholas.

Dear Fakhrurrazi ,

But I’d love to work with you on this great project!

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