Water Leak Sensor?

Just curious - has anyone made a decent low power/battery operated water leak (not rain) sensor from WisBlock parts?

Not yet, but it would be an interesting project for a boring weekend.
Just not sure which of our 70++ WisBlock modules would be best to detect the water leak.

Yeah, me either - but I haven’t put much thought into it. Most leak sensors I’ve seen basically just do some form of current detection across pin/pins.

Not sure you would really need a sensor module at all, really - but one may need some soldering across mcu pins if adding a resistor - which isn’t very “WisBlock”-y in terms of implementation.

In the home automation space contact/hall effect (door/window) and leak sensors are some of the highest volume items sold, which made me think about it. Motion is the other big one in that space, and there is already a WisBlock solution(s) for that.

We will launch the RAK13011 which is a magnet/reed relay switch. I have one in testing right now.
The module itself has an easy to use connector (no soldering).
I guess it an be used to connect something else than the reed relay as well.

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