Water Level Monitoring advice

Hi Everyone

I recently came across WisBlock/examples/RAK4630/solutions/Water_Level_Monitoring at master · RAKWireless/WisBlock · GitHub and it is exactly what I am wanting to build.

I found Liquid Level Transmitter Sensor @ IOT Store Australia and wanted to ask for any and all advice on how to wire this up to my WisBlock?

(oh, sorry, I’m very new to this embedded game)


Welcome to the forum @joshk

There are two ways to use this Liquid Level Sensor with WisBlock.

a) the sensor comes with an 4-20mA to analog out module (I think that is from dfRobot).
You can connect this module to the WisBlock RAK13002 IO module, but it will still need an external 12V power supply for the sensor itself

b) ignore the converter module and connect the level sensor directly to our RAK5801 4-20mA interface module. In this case you would not need the external 12V supply

In both cases, you would get the 4-20mA level signal as a 0 - 3.3V voltage signal in the WB_A1 analog input of the WisBlock Core.

For the second solution, we have an example in the RAK5801 Quick Start Guide. the example is for a pressure sensor, but the usage is the same.

@beegee you are a star!

Option 2 is perfect!

In fact, the whole RAK set of products is amazing and has me really excited for some things I want to build for my property!

I’ve just ordered a bunch of WisBlock items and once they arrive I can play around with this code.

Thank you for the quick reply, really really excited to play with everything.